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Camp Vandemere '08
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Thirty-seven people had an awesome time at Camp Vandemere --

they all pledge to return next year.  Get them to tell you their stories,

and you'll want to come too!


One of the highlights of the trip were the paddle boats and canoes Safety First! -- Everyone wore a lifejacket
Jeremiah was our "expert" -- he has his Boy Scouting badge in canoeing  
Let's go crabbing!  
We used chicken to bait the crabs

Bobbie pulls up the first crab caught by Olivia

(John & Gloria's granddaughter).

Closer view -- watch those claws!

(Yes, crabs are blue!)

Cutting bait for fishing
Ethan caught the biggest fish -- check that "humbleness."  
Tommy instructs McKenzie The biggest kid helps the smallest
Pastor Wes runs the camp Terry chillin' in the shade!
Saturday afternoon there was a "shaving cream party" -- AWESOME FUN!  
The children get Tammy Family portrait fit for hanging!
The preacher "thought" he was safe. Adults had fun, too.
Time to clean up Water provided by the local fire department
We had devotions mornings and evenings.  There were many places and opportunities for you to have your private moment with God. Our Saturday night devotion was done by Mrs. Nadine by the campfire by the lake.  Afterwards, we sang and toasted marshmellows.
Georgeous   Shots
Food is an important part of everything we do.  Terry and John did an awesome job!

This picture says it all --

there was so much to do

and we had such a great time

that by the end of the day,

we were exhausted!


See ya next year!



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