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First Sunday
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The first Sunday in March was designated as "First Sunday."  That means that you were to do something in the church that you had never done before; i.e., be the Sunday School Superintendent, but only if you have never done it before.  This gives you the opportunity to try something new without having to commit to a job before you are ready. 


The response from the volunteers was, "I can do this!" or "I did it!"

We really want to thank each of you that "took the plunge" and jumped into waters that were not familiar to you.You make our church and Sunday School what they are!

"Thank you" from all the teachers, choir director, secretary and everyone else who was able to take a break and watch someone else do their job. 


You did an awesome job!


Mrs. Bobbie taught the teen class, a personal challenge

since she usually does small children.

Mrs. JoAnn became "secretary for a day."

Mr. James taught the Young Adults, and did a great job!

Mr. Carl shared his wealth of knowledge as he taught the adult class.

The Pre-Teen class seems happy to have Mrs. Carolyn as their teacher!

Mrs. Susan fits right in as the Kindergarten teacher, since she has a pre-schooler herself!

Mr. Billy had an incredible challenge as he taught the preacher!

Mrs. Bridget and Mrs. Vicky enjoyed the children in the Nursery.

We couldn't have Sunday School without an Superintendent --

Thanks, Mr. Eugene

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