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We always have a great time at the Valentine's Dinners.  This year we

played several games.  See the pictures below.  In one of the games,

the men had to "woo" their woman by reading the poem,

"How do I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways"

in his most romantic voice.

Mr. Eugene House really woo'ed Mrs. Betty House

with his fantastic poem.


The "Key to a Man's Heart" is is stomach.  Dorothy is feeding James a donut -- off a rope with no hands!

This is called the "Baby Feed" game.  The ladies feed their husbands.  The trick is the ladies are blindfolded! 

They have to follow their husband's directions to get the spoon in their mouth.

The men read a poem to their wives in their most romantic voice. 

You can see from the smile on Betty's face that Eugene got it right!

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