Valentines Dinner '12
Valentine's Dinner '08
Valentine's Dinner '10
Valentine's Dinner '11
Valentines Dinner '12


Thanks to Lou Lewis for the food for the Valentine's Dinner always being delicious!  We decided we would just spend time hanging out this year talking, which everyone enjoyed.  We didn't have games, but we still had door prizes.  Compare the pictures below with pictures from previous

years to see how much we have changed.


This page is dedicated to our retiring

pastor, Rev. Lewis Godwin. 

We have enjoyed the love that Preacher Lewis

 and Mrs. Rhonda shared with our church

members, just as we have showered them with

an unending love.  We pray blessings on them

for health, happiness, and joy in our

Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

A special thanks to

Megan and Jeremiah

for their "walk down

memory lane." 

They did an awesome job

with this skit!!

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